Template for project management plan

Planning basis
Project details and scope

Provide a brief description of the project, the objectives and desired outcomes, and the outputs of the projects.

The activities and tasks defined in the project management plan must be undertaken within the scope of the project.

Project governance

Key personnel need to be outlined

Title/roleResponsibilitiesContact details
  Project sponsorCore member of the steering committee and link between the organisation’s senior executives and the management of the project 
  Project director  
  Project manager  

The makeup of the stakeholder advisory group(s), reference group(s) and working group(s) also needs to be listed.

Frequency of meetings with steering committee, working groups etc. has to be agreed.

The tolerances of various roles also need to be agreed.

Project manager approval   
Project steering committee approval   
Project coordination subcommittee approval   

A milestone is ‘a major event in the project’ and represents the completion of a set of activities. Examples of milestones include:

·      feasibility study approved;

·      business case approved;

·      procurement documentation approved;

·      project team appointed; and

·      project office established.

List and describe the key project milestones within the following table:

MilestoneDescriptionDelivery DateActual/Forecast date
Business Case ApprovedThe Business Case has been documented and was approved by the project sponsor.xx/yy/zzxx/yy/zz

A phase is ‘a set of activities which will be undertaken to deliver a substantial portion of the overall project’. Examples include:

·      project initiation;

·      project planning;

·      project execution; and

·      project closure.

List and describe the major project phases within the following table:

Project initiationDefining the project by developing a business case, feasibility study and Project Charter as well as recruiting the project team and establishing the project office.Phase #1

An activity is ‘a set of tasks which are required to be undertaken to complete the project.’ Examples include:

·      develop quality plan;

·      formulate supplier contracts; and

·      perform project closure.

List and describe the major project activities within the following table.

Project planningDevelop quality planProduce a document describing quality assurance and quality control and process review activities to be undertaken.After the project plan but before the formulation of supplier contracts

A ‘task’ is simply an item of work to be completed within the project. List all tasks required to undertake each activity, within the following table:

Project planningDevelop quality planIdentify quality targets1st
Identify quality assurance techniques2nd
Identify quality control techniques3rd
Document quality plan4th

For each task listed above, quantify the likely ‘effort’ required to complete the task.

TaskEffort (days)
Identify quality targets        # days
Identify quality assurance techniques# days
Identify quality control techniques# days
Document quality plan# days

For each task identified, list the resources allocated to complete the task.

Identify quality targets        Name
Identify quality assurance techniquesName
Identify quality control techniquesName
Document quality planName

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