The Different Kinds Of Businesses That Could Benefit From Project Management System

Most of the people still think that Project Management is something which is ruled by I.T industry which is definitely not true. Planning a meal to building a township-we use project Management almost everywhere. Assembling a bike is a project, making a movie is a project, planning a wedding is a project, designing a cloth from scratch is a project. To sum up whatever domain you choose you can see project management almost everywhere.

Have you ever wondered why having a project Management software is emphasized so much? Its absence means chaos everywhere, budgets confusions, unclear objectives, lack of resources, poor quality, missed deliveries and a lot of things to add to the bucket.

Project management is evolved to an extent where it can be used for almost any kind of project. To make the experience user-friendly software vendors are trying to keep the basic elements of a network plan common to all. We have listed down a list of 7 industries which have grown very rapidly over the few years and how they can use Project Management software to streamlines their project lifecycles.

7 Different Sectors that Could Benefit from Project Management System

Extra big sector – FMGC

Competition in this industry is neck-to-neck. With consumer trends changing each new day they are becoming extremely conscious about every product they release.

As these projects are dealing with real, tangible goods a large amount of planning should be carried out to suss out the details. It is also necessary to define the project scope and risk factors that might come across in future.

The next important thing on the line is stock and inventory management. Without the right amount of inventory, there is no way you can meet the increasing consumer demand and there is no way you can still keep the company profitable. Here is when Project Management System can be a savior. It will manage all the resources using a single resource allocation plan and will give you a visibility across multiple projects.

Now comes the phases where the most unforeseen risks begin to surface- manufacturing and shipping. Project management system here will allow you to keep gated checkpoints to ensure that right product are delivered to customers without any delays.

Each day evolving I.T Industry

Managing IT projects is not limited to developing a software it’s much more. Besides just writing a million lines of code they are also indulged in various other activities like hardware installations, network upgrades, cloud computing, business analytics, release of new versions and keeping a track of them, virtualization rollouts and a lot more. And suppose if multiple projects are running simultaneously, all I can say is may God bless this IT manager with lots of patience.

But with the advent of Project Management Software things has become easier. IT managers are now able to generate reports which could help them understand which tasks are consuming a lot of time and attention, which process need higher priority, which activity is consuming most of the budget, are we on time or we need to buckle up.

Not only this, it will also help the project managers collect data about the productivity of their employees.

“Project Build it”- Construction Industry

These is an industry where people are involved in activities that require thorough planning and examination, one small mistake can cause huge blunders which are not even reversible or repairable. It’s absolutely logical to use Project Management software because of the below benefits it can bring to the construction industry.

You no longer have to worry about doing the boring analysis manually. Project Management software will perform critical path analysis, will estimate activity durations, efficient resource allocation etc.

Efficient resource allocation is particularly important for construction industry because most of the labor is hired on contractual basis. If proper manpower is not allocated then either they might end up having idle hands or labor shortage.

Construction Management software also gives you a real-time snapshot of all the activities that are being undertaken. This becomes a requirement rather than a necessity when critical decision has to be taken.

Collaboration and Communication among designers, architects, contractors is the lifeline for this industry. There are many construction management tools available in the market that are equipped with a collaboration tool so that constructions firm can easily work with other companies.

Manufacturing Made Easy

The biggest challenge in the manufacturing world is” highest quality of the product in the minimal amount of time possible”. They have a lot of interdependent activities which makes scheduling even more challenging. Successors processes must be completed first for predecessors to proceed.

Manufacturing Project Management software can cut down manufacturing delays, machine breakdown repair time, build repeatable projects plan, budget monitoring and do a lot more.

It would not be wrong to say that in manufacturing industry tracking and controlling of project progress is more important than planning. Project Management tools like Gantt charts are used here extensively to track project progress.

Risk management is the next thing where project Management software is extremely useful. Manufacturing industries are built upon one another and even the smallest mistake like a loose screw can hamper the entire manufacturing process. With risk management, you can identify the risks that could affect production schedule, Budget, and quality.

The powerful Energy Sector

The exponential increase in energy costs, climatic changes every hour, sustainability and depletion of non-renewable resources are the few reasons behind the rapid growth of the industry. This nature of the energy industry poses a lot of challenges and risks, which with the help of Project Management software can be reduced at a great level.

Highly complex operations like capital management, resource management, and inventory Management can be easily managed using a Project Management Software. They can help you know how to properly utilize resources and enables you to keep an eye on the progress of the project.

It will also ensure that everyone has an accurate and up to date models, drawings and blueprints no matter where you are working from.

Some Energy Management software will also take care of procuring of construction and operating license or securing of a greenhouse permit to streamlining of all licensing documents.

A solution for health business

I am absolutely sure the first question on your mind must be “why a health industry would need a project management software”. All that they do is take care of the patients. This is where you got wrong -this is one of the most stressful profession juggled between a lot of activities to be taken care of.

Keeping the patient’s data secure is one the most challenging thing for these industries. Project Management helps you make sure that your staff doesn’t have access to sensitive information. It also helps maintain a profile for client and patient’s information by storing their phone numbers and email address.

The Complex Pharma Industry

Because of Shorter research and development lifecycle, increasing customer demand Pharma industry is moving faster than ever. Also, this industry has to be careful during their lifecycle processes because even a small mistake can be a matter of life and death.

Large duration of projects, extremely unpredictable processes, quality products at reasonable price, poor reports are some of the challenges Pharma industry is facing in absence of a Project Management software.

While an effective and seamless project management system means streamlining of regulations, processes, and systems to meet the company objective.

Easy Tracking of projects and its deliverable, complex report extraction, work scheduling, resource allocation, Visual charts and reports generation are the few of the activities that you can control by using a project management software.

These industries have its work spread over various offices and rely on external agencies for various activities which mean budget inaccuracies. Project Management software will streamline your budget, increase profit, productivity and client satisfaction.

Others areas where Project management can be useful includes:

·       Internal Management

·       Scheduling Patients visits

·       Allocating work to remote staff

·       Clinical trials

·       Reporting

·       Updating and maintaining health and safety protocols

Last but not the least

Project Management is universal it can be applied to almost anything! Irrespective of the type, sector, and size of the industry each project is given a time in which it should be completed. Your ultimate goal should be meeting the client’s needs while hitting the milestones and staying under budget which is absolutely not an easy thing.

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