What are the Software Alternatives to Basecamp?

Not everyone is a happy camper at the “basecamp”. To be frank, Basecamp frustrates some people because it doesn’t have all of the features as most Basecamp alternatives do. I’m talking about features that most project managers will tell you they need and cannot survive a project without. Basecamp does NOT have the following features:

1.       Subtasks

2.       Task Dependencies

3.       Gantt Charts

4.       Kanban Boards

5.       Export to Excel

6.       Workload Reports

7.       Cost Tracking

8.       Time Tracking

9.       Import Microsoft Project Files

First Option – because your relationship is too strong at the camp – is to use an add-on to Basecamp. Our recommendation is Bridge24 for Basecamp. It offers a tabular view for task reporting, a Kanban view, numerous calendar views, exporting ability to Excel, and more.

Second Option – say, “adiós” Basecamp, it’s been fun but I need more than what you can give me. Then, start looking for a Basecamp alternative like AceProject.

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