The Rule of Seven


The rule of seven is one of the oldest concepts in marketing. Although it is old, it doesn’t mean that it is outdated. The rule of seven simply says that the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. There may be many reasons why number seven is used. Why not rule of six or rule of eight?

Traditionally, number seven have been given precedence over other numbers by many cultures. Therefore, you may notice various things coming in number seven.

The important thing in the rule of seven is not the number, but the message. This simply tells you that you need to let the prospect hear and see your marketing message so many times before they buy it. There are many reasons for the need of repetition. Buyers just can’t trust you and make the buying decision at the first time you show your message.

So, this simply means that your marketing effort should be repetitive and consistent. You cannot just run a couple of advertisements one time and expect the customers to buy the product. The hidden message of rule of seven is the continuous and repetitive effort that should be put in for marketing.

What Can You Do?

In order to enhance your marketing through the message of rule of seven, consider the following points:

1. The Noise

Today’s world is an information world. People are overloaded with information. People have access to the best information source at all times, so you cannot fool them at all.

If you want to convey your marketing message to the people, who have been bombarded with information, you are having tough luck. It is never easy for a person or a company to be heard by the prospective buyers. For this, you may want to use some special tricks and strategies.

Due to the above reason, one should repeat their marketing message. In the first few times, a person will not notice the message. People are usually resistant to marketing messages by nature. Otherwise, people will be overwhelmed by the noise made by the marketing companies.

You have to compete in this noisy market. So, you need to repeat your message until they hear you out.

2. Customers may not need your product

You may be targeting the exact type of customers for your product or service. But there are chances that they may not need your product yet. In case if they see your marketing message once, they may not remember you when they want to buy the product by next week or next month. Therefore, you need to keep your marketing message in sight. Out of sight for marketing is out of mind.

Let me take an example. Most people do see and hear about great products or service and they make a mental note that they will buy those when they need it. But in reality, when they buy the actual product, they go with the latest marketing message they heard or saw. That’s why you need to keep playing your record.

3. The price may be too high

Sometimes, people do not buy things due to the price. This is nothing to do with the price of the product or the service. This simply means that you have not been able to convince the customers fully about the value of your offering.

If someone sees the value of your product or the service, they find a way to buy it. They never worry about the price if it’s the right thing they want.

Therefore, through your message, convince them about the value you offer. Through rule of seven, they will hear about the value you offer many times, so the money will not be a problem.

4. They don’t know you

This is the main reason why people do not buy your products or services. Let them know who you are through rule of seven. More they hear about you, higher they will accept you.


Rule of seven is one of the oldest, but practical concepts in marketing. Similarly, rule of seven can be applied to many other areas, where the consumers are concerned. The main learning from rule of seven is the need to repeat what you do.

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